Competition Venue

630 Main Street, Downtown Springfield.

Opened in 2006, the Richard E. Wildish Community Theater is the premiere  entertainment destination for the greater Springfield area. The theater  features 283 seats in stadium seating and there is truly ‘not a bad  seat in the house’. The excellent acoustics and flexible stage showcase  the wide array of activity that has become a calling card for the young  facility.


There is no main event parking structure or parking lot. Downtown Springfield allows parking on all main and side streets along with pay to park lots and garages throughout the downtown area.

6 Minutes From Hotel

The FairField Inn and Suites and CandleWood Extended Stay are only a straight shot away from the event.  Six minutes and you're travel time is complete.

A Walk to the After Party

The After Party, at the Planktown Brewery, is only 3 blocks away from the Venue.  Planktown offers a wide variety of brewed In-House Taps and every American Bar item you could crave.